High Performance Computing

Advanced Soil Organic Carbon R-Script and Python development with advanced modelling deployed in a AWS parallel compute environments. 

Custom Hardware Integrations

Integration of custom-built soil scanning hardware collecting gamma readings, core imagery and spectroscopy data delivered into a core API frame work.

Field Mobile APPS

Cross-platform, offline-first mobile applications for scanning field soil cores, managing lab sampling and delivering critical performance KPI’s.

Our Technology

Our tech stack is a single-page application supported by a back-end API in a micro services architecture hosted on AWS using Kubernetes and deployed through GitLab CI/CD. Our primary database storage is PostgreSql.

Our main developer environment is Javascript with back-end being NodeJs and Front-end/Mobile platform using React. We also deploy Python and Rscript based micro services for a Scientific formulas and calculations.

The Application Framework

Our framework is a bespoke, multi-tenanted, multi-app software solution providing in-house management tools for our clients as well as portals for their customers to access their data directly.

Applications built on the frame work manage data arriving from mobile apps in the field, remote scanning equipment in the lab, helps build spatial map to measure usable land areas

GIS Integrated Analysis

Spatial analysis services provides tools for rapidly identifying lots that should be included in the project and then analysed within seconds to prove a proposed land usability map.

Field Data Collection

Our off-line first, cross-platform mobile application provides tools to help field crews scan and tag soil cores as they pull them out of the ground.  


When soil cores are delivered to the lab, the cores are scanned with spectral, gamma and photo imagery of each core is delivered to the application API for validation, tagging and storage.

Project Managment Interface

The front-end application provides tools for Project Officers and GIS Team to upload geometry that exactly defines areas for drilling and collection. Once the cores have been scanned, data from each core are visualised in charts, maps and photo imagery.

High Performance Compute Modelling

R Script based analytical services calculates Subsample selections, performance Volumetric Water Content models, uses HPC resources to model for optimal soil carbon predictions using on-demand cloud resources in AWS.

Reporting and Analysis

The front-end application provides a range of downloadable reporting packs for scientist to analyse as well as direct API integration to advanced reporting and visualisation tools.

Elementree is a small, well-funded software development company

We work with leading agricultural scientists and civil engineers to create tools and IT infrastructure to assist with their operations and make a positive difference to the environment and climate change.

Our Clients & Partners

Our clients range from a leading provider of holistically-integrated eduction in the agricultural sector empowering graziers and land owners to grow productive, profitable agricultural business within regenerative landscapes through to a large Queensland based, environmentally minded civil engineering company. 

One of our clients is on a mission to regenerate agricultural landscapes and reduce greenhouse gas emissions contributing to climate change. They do this by pioneering methods and technology that enable farmers to enter carbon markets and earn an income by improving their soil.